Bringing analog
to digital

Hybrid Almanac


An almanac is something you keep for life. Brand new, on the night of distribution, you let people write in it, you drop it while you're drunk, you leave it on the bar or lose it entirely.

To replicate this feeling, I designed a website where the almanac can be read digitally, but with a catch. Every time someone views the website, the book gets gradually more dirty and (beer)stains appear. This represents a night at my student union. Your evening starts out nice and fresh, but boy do you end up being a mess.

This is a work in progress.

Graphic design

Scanned in almanak pages

Creating my own beer stains. Beers used: Kornuit, Nonkel Pater, Hertog Jan Grand Prestige, Morte Subiet Krieg

Every time the page refreshes or is visited, more beerstains appear.
The stains still appear at random, currently working on it.

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