NN Adleten




The ADletes of NN

The brief
'Er is geen Nederlander zoals jij' is the pay-off at Nationale Nederlanden. I was asked to come up with a PR stunt during the Rotterdam Marathon, of which NN is the proud sponsor. This had to relate to their pay-off. 

The idea
We will highjack all of Rotterdam its advertising and give every runner their own AD. On the day of the marathon the city will be filled with personalised motivational messages generated by AI through the runners' information database.

Some digital screens in the city will even respond when the runners walk by, because of the tracker in their 'startbewijs'. Through the NN app you can see where your personal AD can be found.


adleten posters7.jpg
adleten posters5.jpg
adleten posters6.jpg
adleten posters4.jpg
adleten posters3.jpg
adleten posters2.jpg
adleten posters9.jpg
adleten posters8.jpg

With the help of an algorithm we will create unique posters for all contestants of the marathon, featuring fun encouragements


On the day of the marathon, contestants will be carrying their 'startbewijs' with them, which have sensors in them. When they walk past a digital billboard, their specific message will be played.


On a map on the website and in the NN app you can find out where your poster is located.

pers copy.jpg

Mockup headline