Usually when we don’t agree with something, we talk it out. But in recent years we have found a new method to resolve our issues: cancelling.
We cancel people like we cancel tv shows, including young adult authors.
Cancelling is often done with good intentions such as exposing sexual scandals or racism.

Through my research I discovered that these noble efforts to diversify children's books, actually results in the exact opposite: authors have become scared to write diverse character all together, in fear of getting cancelled. 

With my project I aim to give back a voice to cancelled book characters and start a conversation on representation in the publishing industry. Because cancelling authors is not solving the real problem.

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I made a conceptual podcast featuring the book characters of cancelled works. In the podcast you're not sure who is interviewed and gradually find out that the one interviewed, in fact, doesn't exist.

The goal of the podcast is to let the character metaphorically reclaim their voice by telling their own story. In cancel culture victims are not listened to or false rumours are spread. In the podcast the character tells their own (back)story, instead of others telling it for them.

Backstories episode 1 - AnaHannah Sterke
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